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How to Connect the External Mic With a Video Camera?

How to Connect the External Mic With a Video Camera?

When you are looking to capture a high-quality video with sounds you should not always depend on the camcorder microphones, this is because it will also pick up the noises of the camera. So that you cannot get good quality audio that you have expected. At the same time, those in-built camcorder microphone is not the only source if you want you can connect a microphone to a video camera. By this, you can get the audio clearly and accurately.

External microphone connection

The external microphone you are buying should interact with the external connection of the video camera so that only you can make use of them. The camcorder offers an XLR jack for connecting the external microphone similarly the external microphone will be contained with the stereo jack that helps them while connecting with a camcorder. So to not waste the money or time check the input of your video camera for an external mic by this you can able to pick the compatible mic based on your camcorder input settings.

Types of a video camera

Like everything you can also expect the types in the video camera mic, generally there are three types in external microphones. They are shotgun, lapel, and handheld microphones, each of those microphone types will have their purposes so depending on your video type you can buy the one that you want.

Shotgun microphone, this microphone gets mounted on the video camera and that covers all the sounds comes in the direction of the mic. They are best in making video production and the sound quality of the video is also very good.

Lapel microphone, it is the ultimate option for the video interviews. Because it captures and reflects the person’s voice so clearly.

Handheld microphone, these microphones are great in picking up the nearby sounds. At the same time, durability and the material of the microphone are higher than other types. Most preferably it is used by the musicians.

Connecting microphone with a camcorder

video cameraBuying the external microphone is one of those simple tasks but most people rise question when they are trying to Sync mic and video camera. The beginners may get confused while syncing the external camera but the process is simple. Connect the stereo jack of the microphone to the XLR jack of the camcorder and this enables the connection between both of these devices.

Final words

As you think connecting the external mic with the video camera is not at all a tough task, get to know the compatibility of the video camera and connect them later after knowing about it. This article can help you in getting an idea about it.